Sarah Clary

Sarah Clary is a stylist and a creative on various levels, never fitting into one predetermined box. She started her career under the leadership of Jenna Lyons at JCrew, where she helped establish the look and feel for the brand and some of their most recognizable images, notably helping to create the clear visuals and storytelling of their kids line Crewcuts. 

Maintaining a career as a freelancer for over 15 years, Sarah continues to help storytell, guide, and elevate various brands across the fashion, beauty, home, and jewelry industries with creative direction, branding and styling.  A long-time collaborator of Jenna Lyons’, the duo have brought their creative ideas to life for the beauty brand Loveseen and also were featured together in the HBO show “Stylish with Jenna Lyons”. Sarah also shares a no-rules format newsletter to her subscribers via Substack where she shares creative ideas, videos on styling, links to favorite things, and ruminations on her imperfectly chaotic life as a working single mom.

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